Dr. Tim Gossweiler DDS

We provide affordable dentistry and dentures, too!We provide family dentistry at a low price in the Indianapolis area. We are conveniently located between Carmel and Westfield (see our map), yet we are easy to find from all Indianapolis suburbs. We perform most dental procedures and services in our office for your convenience.At our dental office, we strive to create a fun atmosphere where our patients can feel at ease. Our easygoing and honest staff members are happy to assist you in any way we can. We even offer easy financing options with low monthly payments. Come see us for all of your family dentistry needs!

Many people think that their only alternative for severe dental problems is to have dentures. Most of the time this is not the case. But in the instances where dentures are the only option you still have alternatives. We make different kinds of dentures to fit the budget and desires of most people. Now our specialty is doing the premium customized dentures where attention to detail means you will get the most comfortable, durable and lifelike dentures that are available on the market today.

Our full line of dentures is as follows;

Premium Dentures

EZ Denture Premium

The Premium dentures are handmade and customized to your liking. We use the very best and longest lasting materials. The acrylic is heat and pressure injected for maximum fit, density and polishability to closely mimic the texture of natural gum tissue. The density of acrylic also keeps bacterial growth to a minimum thus reducing the odor often associated with dentures. The teeth we use are Alca's flagship brand giving the best translucency, color and longevity. You also have the widest selection of shades for your denture including bleach colors.

When you choose the premium custom denture you get:

  • A 6 year warranty
  • Free adjustments for the next year
  • Free yearly cleanings of the denture (for the warranty period)
  • Free permanent relines (for the warranty period)
  • Free annual exams

Plus Dentures

EZ Denture Plus

This custom denture gives you Kulzer brand teeth with a variety of shade and shape choices. High wear acrylic in your choice of 6 different shades for durability and life like appearance. We use packed acrylic for great fit and comfort. You have the choice of the customized look that suits you best.

When you choose the premium custom denture you get:

  • A 4 year warranty
  • Free adjustments for the next 6 months
  • 1 permanent reline any time with the next year

Basic Dentures

EZ Denture

The EZ denture is a great choice for those who are on a limited budget. We use materials that are ADA approved for quality, yet cost effective. We use standardized teeth with limited, yet normal shades. The acrylic is cold cured; a process that allows some porosity and weaknesses that the others don’t have. However, with proper care this can be a denture that will last for a while. It comes with a one year warranty against normal wear and tear problems. We recommend a reline 6 months to one year after any teeth are extracted. This will incur an additional cost.

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